Friday, December 30, 2011

Say Cheese

Ok aku tengah dalam process nak pakai braces. nanti jadi geng ilman, razin, izzuddin. HAHA. geng gigi besi. tak tau lah pulak ha processnya lambat. jangan main aku bgtau orang aku akan pakainya esok hari (which is today). excited je aku. masa tido, setiap jam aku bangun ha. tak sabar punya pasal. today aku pergi lah appointment ni. rupa-rupanya hari ni aku belum pakai lagi. alaa. disappointed plak aku. then dia cakap aku kena cabut 3 batang gigi! ADUHH. bunyi nya cam sakit gilaaaaa. dia cucuk sini cucuk sana. nasib baik aku tak takut jarum. kalau tak satu hal lagi. haha. tibatiba bibir mulut aku rasa kebas. pelik nya rasa ni. HAHA. then dia cabut gigi atas aku ni. "eh dah ke?" tak rasa satu haprak pun. OH COOOL. tapi gusi aku bleeeeding lah. alamak teringat waktu aku kena pukul dengan kayu hockey to. HAHA. ni semua gara-gara HOCKEY. tak pe lah. it was an experience. so sekarang ni ada tissue kat mulut nak hentikan bleeding. tadi tak rasa sakit. sekarang macam dah mula rasa pedih sikit. ain tabah, ain strong. i can handle this.
minggu depan cabut lagi 2 gigi. YAYAYYYYY senonot nyaaa. satu lagi gigi atas, and satu kat bawah. macam painful je bunyi nya.

2 minggu lagi baru pasang besi besi kat gigi. HAHA. Can't wait. The pain, the wait, the blood. It's probably worth it. HOPEFULLY. nanti aku kahwin, boleh aku senyum nampak gigi. tak payah aku nak malu lagi dah. hahaha. best nyerrrr.

nanti aku jadi macam gini. HOHOHO

Sweets and Sours

Something has been bugging me lately. Maybe it's this comment made by my ex-classmate from 5Al Razi

"Masa touching dah lama over der"

I have to admit I'm probably one of the person that's always reminiscent memories and past activities. I keep on saying how much I miss this and that. But, when he made that statement, it really got to me like yeahh that's so true. I couldn't agree more.

It's not like we can rewind the times in the past. It's not like we can revisit the places we went. It's not like we can redo the things we did.

The past is meant to be the past. I mean yeah I had a great time this year. and 2011 is awesome. I changed for the better. I am a total new person. I missed them and the routine like the first week I'm home. I wasn't getting used to it. But then, what do I obtain by missing all that?

I can't relive it

So I just move on. Look forward. I remind myself "you're going to see them again, it's not goodbye."

Heck ya is not goodbye. It's a see ya later. (Dear John)

So when I read in Facebook status and blogs about how much they miss this and that, I make a face. HAHA. It's getting old la der.

Honestly, my blogs ada banyak pasal how much I miss the old times. but that was way long before I write this blog. HAHA. I was a child back then. Now, I'm and pre adult. I finish school okay.


Prepare for my life ahead, get ready to meet new people, build a stronger confidence, and stay true to myself.

2011? thanks and bye. 2012 I am ready :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Revenge Of The Oldies

I feel like I'm so LAME since I claim to really hate present's songs and new artists and yet I don't really know songs from like the 90's, 80's, 70's, and so. So I took the time this week to listen to the beatles songs. And totally fell in love with it right that second. I manage to remember lyrics to a few songs actually. and from there I fell inlove with other bands like AEROSMITH, GUNS N ROSES, QUEENS, BON JOVI, U2. Their music are so AWESOME. It's like real music. the lyrics were cool, and the music the guitar, drums, and the beat, melody, is just so ERRRR. don't have a word so to explain. It's just so fun to hear it. I so enjoy it. SO for my birthday or anything lah. I really want a CD of these bands especially beatles and aerosmith :D


A New Piece of Me

I am taking my time here to write something that I wrote last year which is A NEW YEARS RESOLUTION. Actually I already have one since Awal Muharam past already. but What the heck!

Eh, rasa macam malas lah pulak.

Okay okay. boleh lah kot. continue continue.

First, getting 9A + is like my Allll time dreaaaaam. I want it so badddddyly. But I can't put my hopes too high since I didn't do so great during the exams and I kind of didn't study all my hardest. So idk. Berserah pada Ilahi saja la.

I hope to put on a new confidence. I'm kind of working on that thing where whenever I see people I smile and introduce myself instead of just smiling. I want to be able to talk more and talk appropriately like an adult and using those complicated words. I want to sound sophisticated. The reason for this is to prepare for those interviews in the future.

I have to be a more organised and clean person. My room needs to be tidy like at all times. I should have a planner so I can jot down everything.

Listen to my mom and dad, and do as they say. no more 'sekejap okay or nanti lah or mm suruh lah adik buat, esok je lah' no no. I'm big now. I need to learn to obey.

Im going to start work (CEHH) so I hope I'll able to do well and impress the boss and other colleagues.

Develop a strong relationship with everyone around me. That includes my brothers and sisters, friends from USJ, and semesra, fellow work mates, neighbours, and whoever else. HA

Improve my already-ugly-penmanship.

Be able to swallow pills. Yeah I can't really do that yet. HA

I really need to lose 5 KG. so I shall wake up at 7 and jog for 30 mintues. Sleep is nothing. If I can wake up at 5 at hostel, why can't I wake up at 7? I'm a big girl, I don't need long sleeps anymore.

Okay that's it :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

I'm a Peacock, Let Me Fly

The title really has nothing to do with this post. But I just watched the movie The Other Guys and my sister kept repeating this line. so it stuck

Razin visits KL and is about to leave to muar. actually he left already while a write this. He's bugging me about going out to watch movies. I know he misses me. HAHA. He asked if I was busy on Sunday. I said no. so he planned to catch the movies that day. I guess nobody else could make it so he cancelled it. then he asked if I could make it on Monday and I said sure. I asked the other Alrazian girls if they were busy, and yes they ALL couldn't make it. for the boys, after a lot of persuading and pleasing and begging, Danial and Othman agreed to tag along.

I woke up early today excited to see Razin and Danial as I haven't seen them in 4 weeks. Not to forget meeting up with Othman before he leaves for NS.
I reminiscent the days I sat in front of Razin and laughing all alone watching him sleep in the morning. LMAO. not to forget all of his jokes and sayings that ends with a LAME recited by yours truly.

I left the house early due to the fact Razin asked us to be there by 10. I was just about to buy a KTM ticket as a train departing for KL central leaves before my very eyes. If only I had left the house 5 minutes earlier were words scrambled in my mind. I was to meet up Danial at KL central but it was good thing he didn't arrive yet. After waiting for about 20 mintues, the train came. Danial and I arrived at about the same time. cool huh. so we chatted and catch up about our activities during the holiday so far. BTW it was his first KTM ride.

So when we arrive at Mid Valley, Danial made a bet to see who can guess what Razin will wear. And me knowing him, i got it correct. HA. We caught up with Razin who had waited in line to buy the movie tickets even before the booth was open. This is kind of a LAME thing as Razin was the one who planned all this and yet he went to watch Mission Impossible alone while Dan, Othman and I went to watch Sherlock Holmes.

I kind of felt lonely when Danial and Razin went to a store and went to the boys section. They left me. HAHA. but the movie was about to start so we queued to buy popcorn. Danial belanja because I won the bet.

So while waiting for Othman, Danial and I chatted in the movie theater (the preview was long). Othman arrived 10 minutes after the movie started.

So after that, both movies finished, we went to eat. Before I know it Razin had to leave. His mom was already there to pick him up. I didn't even get to chat or say anything to him. Nice to just see you. I thought I'd have the time to talk to him and like laugh like the old days. But no chance of that.

We had nothing to do so I asked if they wanted to play Bowling. Othman wasn't up for it, so i guess it'd be just Danial and me. Danial obtained a strike on his first bowl and was already being cocky. I caught up eventually in the middle of the game with only one pin behind. By the end of the game I won beating him by 4 pins. tu la berlagak sangat. HAHA. but I don't know if he just threw the game for me cause i am girl. Thats totally lame. he did say it was his worst game. HA that rhymes. Oh yeah did I mention Othman left us during the middle and just went wandering off somewhere alone.

So we ended this "hangout" very early. well we started early anyways. we were already tired. and Othman didn't look like he had the mood or energy anymore.
That's the last time I'll see Othman until after NS.

Danial and I rode the Ktm to kl central went back to our respective houses. Did I mention how packed it was and how STINKY people's breath are. EW. A BAD ktm experience.

So you see. It was suppose to be a hangout where I get to meet up with Razin and laugh like we used to, and him making Lame jokes and remember the ol' days. I missed the guy okay. It was suppose to be a date with him ya know HAHA bak kata Liyana Mahirah. But because he went to see a movie alone and left early, I feel like he didn't even come. Heck, I felt like I was on a date with Danny. HAHA. an UN-planned date. But I had a great time with Danny getting to know him better. Thanks to Othman for being there too. It was good to see Razin too. but too bad i didn't get to talk to him.

HAHA, there will be other times. even though it might be kind of hard to gather a lot of AL RAZIANS in one place since everybody is doing there own business and some are going to NS.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Pretty Little Liars

So, this so-called-holiday beats me in the bootie. All I do is non stop eating and sleeping.
Yeah, that is basically my daily routine for the past 3 weeks.
To make my days in Kelantan a little more interesting (I suppose) I watch this one series called Pretty Little Liars
5 Beautiful girls living in the same neighbourhood became bestfriends.
Aria, Emily, Spencer, Hanna, and Alison
The bond they had together was really brought by Alison
They trusted Alison and Alison made the other four felt special.
Alison promised to keep their secrets in a safe place where it won't be revealed.
Unless she wants it to be
one day, Alison being a mischievous teenage girl set fire in a girl's house.
The four girls were with her that night, but Alison forced them to lie about this incident.
So they did
Tons of secrets only Alison held but the other girls didn't know about it.
The thing is they were only friends because of Alison
One summer a shocker happened
Alison was murdered
the killer? Unverified
The rest of the four girls gradually fell apart.
They seldom see each other after ali's death.
Aria was in trauma so her family had a vacation in Europe
she came back after a year when Ali's body was found
Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily became best friends again.
They receive various message from an unknown , A.
These haunting messages from A out of know where terrified the girls.
As if A is stalking them and have CCTV everywhere around them
'A' knows the secrets only Alison knows about the girls.
So there were series of events of the girls being threatened by the anonymous to reveal their darkest secrets
That will slowly reveal the mystery of the death of their bestfriend Alison.

I didn't really mean to give the sipnosis. But hey.

Secrets and Lies huhh? Very dangerous thing and cannot be played with
Generally, lying is bad and can lead to a horrible situation.
Parents tell their kids not to lie.
Lying will hurt other people.
But is there any circumstances where lying is requisite?
Lie to one because they might not be able to handle the truth?
The truth will just crush one's world. so lie.

I forgot the actual quote from the show. It was a cool line recited by emily.

Do you know who your real friends are?
Do you trust them?
Can you difference their truths and their deceits?

You be the judge

Friday, December 16, 2011

Ciri-ciri suami dan isteri soleh

I thought I'd share this. ENJOY :D

Ciri-ciri suami soleh

*membina rumahtangga bahagia selaras dengan kehendak Al Quran dan As Sunnah

*Mengajar isteri ilmu fardhu ain bagi yang mampu mengajar.

*mendidik isteri dengan lemah lembut, bermanis muka dan membuat kebajikan untuknya

*terlebih dahulu tunjuk sifat amanah kasih sayang dan tulus ikhlas kepada isterinya

*sempurnakan hak isteri dengan memberi tempat tinggal yang sempurna, pakaian dan makanan dari punca rezeki yang halal

*tidak memberati isteri lebih dari yang sepatutnya dan sentiasa mendidik isteri agar hidup bersabar dengan kesusah

*Mendidik isteri supaya buat baik dengan kedua orang tuanya dan mertuanya serta hubungi terus rasa kasih sayang sesama mereka.

Ciri-ciri isteri soleh

*redha dengan suami yang telah dijodohkan

*menjadi isteri yang setia dan taat pada perintah suami

*sentiasa mendahulukan suami dalam apa jua keadaan

*tidak meminta sesuatu yang berlebihan hingga diluar kemampuan suami

*sentiasa dalam keadaan kemas bersih dan menyukakan hati suami apabila dipandang

*berwangi-wangian ketika suami berada di rumah dan sentiasa mendoakan keselamatan dan kesejahteraan suami

*menyambut kepulangan suami dengan senyuman

*sentiasa menjaga marauah diri, suami dan ibu bapa

*tidak sekali tunjuk muka masam, dan tidak berlaku kasar terhadap suami, dan mohon maaf jika berlaku kesalahan.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I found the way

Dah 2 minggu sejak habis zaman persekolah, 2 minggu sejak habis the dreadful exam, the horrendous dewan peperiksaan. it's been two weeks since i said goodbye to school called SM SAINS REMBAU, a school that left many scars and memories.
Aah, dah dua minggu lah ain, are you still writing about this? Haven't you get over this yet?
SEMESRA, Yeah i miss that school. mana tak lah kan. dah takde ibubapa, kawankwan sana lah yang nasihatkan kan kita, teman kita, jadi bahu untuk kita nangis. kita makan samasama, tido samasama, struggle samasama, gelak ketawa samasama, main basketball samasama, mandi gosok gigi samasama, bangun sahur subuh samasama, solat samasama, nangis samasama, aahh segala macam lah kita buat samasama. so semua mememories, events, bitter moments kita kongsi samasama kan. It's THEM that makes these things ten times more fun. I'm gonna miss everything about REMBAU. It's been two weeks, but i'm still not use to this freedom. i miss the daily routine there.
Macammacam benda baru lah aku belajar kat SEMESRA ni. duludulu, kat USJ aku ni sebenarnya budak jahat. "jahat" lah kalau bandingkan dengan pelajar semesra ni. tapi kalau kat USJ aku baik je. but sebelum REMBAU kan, aku mengalami "zaman jahiliah". yes. solat tak tentu. aurat tak tahu. duduk atas lelaki suka hati. tergedik-gedik tak henti. haih. mana lah aku tau semua tu dulu. kat USJ mana ada BADAR. Yeah, dulu aku free-hair, pakai seluar pendek. kalau orang Rembau tau aku macam tu, mesti dorang cakap aku ni macam apa je. BUT, Semesra have shown me the way. sebenarnya, aku memang nak ubah. but aku tak tau mana nak start. So NASIB BAIK aku diterima masuk ke Semesra sebelum apa tah lagi jadi kat aku ni kat USJ.
So, time BADAR bercakap, aku dengar sebenarnya. aku suka tazkirah yang BADAR bagi tu. It was such a great thing to do to fill the free time before isyak. Video yang tayangkan tu, tah sah kalau aku tak nangis. serious. Kawan-kawan kat sini pun bagi support kat aku and bagi aku complimets when they see me do the right thing. Dorang cakap " harap kau terus bertudung", "aku solute kau, sebab kau dapat berubah and maintain." Bendabenda macam ni buat aku rasa "OH, so Im doing the right thing. so I should just keep on doing this and even become better."
TETAPI, ada lah jugak kadang kala nya bila aku buat perangai tak senonoh macam menari depan orang ramai, gedik-gedik dengan orang, batas pergaulan. aku cuba ubah step by step dulu kan. bak kata sedikit sedikit,lama lama jadi bukit. betul tak? tapi kalau ada salah silap, aku sangat hargai bila orang betulkan aku, or bagi advice. aku tak kan terasa hati langsung. It makes me a better person.
macam Amirah (my classmate) dia selalu betulkan cara solat aku and macammacam lah. i thank her for that. Afiq pun selalu cerita kat aku pasal benda ni. dia cakap wanita ni istimewa, and dia terangkan lah kenapa wanita kena tutup aurat. dia tegur aku pasal benda ni, and baru aku sedar and aku cuba untuk ubah. THANK YOU. Khairunnisa and shamimi pun banyak bagi support. aku sayang dorang ni. Farah and Yati (dormmates) selalu cerita kat aku pasal ni jugak. especially malammalam sebelum nak tido kan, segala macam story lah dorang cerita. best dengar. and banyak moral values aku dapat. THANK YOU. Othman pun banyak bagi nasihat that makes me a stronger person and always persevere. NOT TO FORGET, every 27 souls in 5 al razi. Thank you for your supports and advice. They're family and i love them.
going to semesra really made its mark in my life. Who knows what would of happen to me if is stayed in USJ. I don't even want to go there. I didn't know how much i appreciate semesra. All i can say is, I found the light in SEMESRA, SEMESRA changed my life.

Friday, December 9, 2011

From a fellow GENIUS

HEY look what Borhan wrote to me. IDK whether it its his or he got this somewhere else. but. It's totally cool especially coming from him! I didn't think he would write such a thing

You are the Rain
That pours silvery water
To replenish the Earth
To quinc the thirst of sparrows
To revive the roses
And without you
No flower can bloom
No ladybugs will dance
No crickets will sing
No happiness revolves in
This world..
So, keep up your life and cherich everyone
around you up to the limit
P.S even the sun feels jealous of you

AWWWW HOW SWEET. miss that guy

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A bit to remember

Nak tau tak. aku jenis yang tak suka ikut orang. kalau benda tu so in-style, so zaman terkini, harapan ah aku nak ambil kisah. kalau lagu ni best or cerita ni best. pfft, kisah apa aku. kalau ramai orang tergila-gila movie, lagu, fesyen, style, apa lah kan. you can count me out.

masa time nyanyi lagu someone like you by adele kat canteen, aku fikir aku sorang je tak tau lirik dia. haha yeah aku tau part 'someone like you' tu je la yang aku mampu ikut. aihh, teringat plak waktu 5alrazi duduk kat canteen makan roti canai ramairamai dengan cikgu suriya kan. afiq buat benda lame tu. bukak lagu someone like you, nyanyi samasama. the bond that last forever.

bila balik rumah, aku sanggup dengar lagu someone like you 20 times ulang so aku boleh hafal lagu ni and ingat balik dorang tuh. so aku boleh rasa aku still kat hostel. yeah lame. sebabkan aku rindu sangat dorang tu, aku hafal lirik dia, aku bukak lagu ni kuatkuat, aku belajar guitar chords dia. JUST SO I COULD FEEL LIKE THEY WERE ALL THERE

Some guys

*AFIQ AZMI, yang sangat lame but gets me laughing, OTHMAN AFFAN a smarty that always has my back, RAZIN RASYID knows how to make my day, FAZRUL HALIM that knows how to entertain me, SYAHIR AZREEN the one i can share secrets with. Ah rindu ah kat dia orang ni.

Thanks Homies



ILMAN AIZAT, ketua yang hebat gila


Pieces of me

"Pieces Of Me"

On a Monday, I am waiting
Tuesday, I am fading
And by Wednesday, I can't sleep
Then the phone rings, I hear you
And the darkness is a clear view
Cuz you've come to rescue me

Fall With you, I fall so fast
I can hardly catch my breath, I hope it lasts

It seems like I can finally rest my head on something real
I like the way that feels

It's as if you know me better than I ever knew myself
I love how you can tell
All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me
All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me

I am moody, messy
I get restless, and it's senseless
How you never seem to care

When I'm angry, you listen
Make me happy it's your mission
And you won't stop til I'm there

Fall Sometimes I fall so fast
When I hit that bottom
Crash, you're all I have

How do you know everything I'm about to say?
Am I that obvious?
And if it's written on my face
I hope it never goes away

On a Monday, I am waiting
And by Tuesday, I am fading into your arms
So I can breathe

It seems like I can finally rest my head on something real
I like the way that feels

It's as if you've know me better than I ever knew myself
I love how you can tell
I love how you can tell
I love how you can tell
All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me
All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me...

Ashlee simpson

Monday, December 5, 2011

Past, Present, Future

Here's something i didn't get to share in school. I wrote this during our last "OPEN COURT" at the surau that one night. remember? that night were "some people" cried ;)
This might be kinda lame (cause it doesn't rhyme, it doesn't sound great)

Past, Present, Future

It's been two years, since we've been together
but the times we had feels like forever
i'll remember the moments, i'll keep it close in heart
it's sad to say, we'll be far apart

Through all laughs and tears
through all hates and loves
through all fights and joy
i am glad we went through it together

We are young and we are reckless
being with you, i find the real meaning of love
even those three simple words never was recited
i want you to know i love you

All the pictures hung on the wall
the memories never will fade at all
thank you for the cries
thank you for the smiles

I know we fight sometimes but deep down i still care
here i knelt and seek for forgiveness
for all wrongs done
no matter what we'll still stay strong

Time for farewell all
because there will be no more
the smiles the laughter
and all the joys of being a whole
just like being in one family
always remember
all the memories
that we have shared together
thank you
from the bottom of my heart
for giving the best moments in life

it wouldn't be the same
silent mornings, missing laughters
empty spaces,
I'd miss all the days
we'd go crazy together

All thats left is just memories
That we shall cherish forever
hope none are forgotten
it'll stay with me till the end

this is the end
we'll take different roads
go on to our previous lives
will we see each other again ?

we'll go on our separate ways
have the live we longed for
be the person we dreamt of
reach beyond our limits

Goodluck to all
may you be the best among the best
hope you become successful
but never forget us all

see you guys in the future <3

written by norain mokhtar, liyana mahirah
ideas from malia kushairi, ain nadhirah, najwa asyifa

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Time flies by

Kemas2 rumah and bilik tadi. as I was puas hati with how i changed and cleaned the room, i sat on my bed. I looked near the door and remembered a mirror sitting there. now it's broken. I remember all the silly form 1, 2 and 3 's do with mirrors. like camwhoring. I remembered that one video that is in nadia's phone right now. life before pmr. we laughed, joked, cried because of laughing, giggled. about silly stuff that i don't think it will make sense to me now.
We used to hang around my house after school since it was the nearest. boyfriends used my house as their ports to me their girls because my house was near, i get the trouble for it. my house was the center i guess.
I remembered my mom would cook nasi goreng or apa2 laa when my friends would come to visit. my mom got mad because we're noisy singing.
Oh how I missed wafaa's singing, rahimah's laugh, liza's stupid joke, and hayani's muka tembok. aww rindurindu.
We would go online and upload photos and update profiles on myspace (haha zaman batu ke?).
we would go to other people's profile and stalk them. haha and kutuk kutuk dorang. gossiping girl lah kan duludulu. we would kutukkutuk and talk crap about apa yang tak puas hati in the computer room.
I had a guitar so wafaa would start merepek buat lagu sendiri apa tah. haha
As 4 o clock got near, we would get ready pakai baju rumah sukan masing2, pakai bedak yang wafaa and rahimah have in their bags 24/7.
Then we would probably stop by 7/11 to buy top up and 100 plus. then we would walk to school. lepak2 kat school doing nothing. haha.
form 1, form 2, form 3. 2007,2008,2009. those years i thought i was big enough to do anyting. but now i think, wow i was so immature and budak kecik like. haha.
even though it's only three years, but there were so many moments i can think of at this moment. those three years felt soo long. stupid laughable moments. i grew up with them. and they made me how i am today. they filled those 3 years of my life full with laughter. They made my first three years worth living and worth actually looking back and say, okay I had a great past. The time flies slowly with them. I remember waiting by the stairs as they finish their classes so we could go to the koperasi. I'd go "RAHIMAH!!!" then she'd run to me as she fix her tudung skolah hugs me while laughing and say "ain tengok dorang tu." the boys always chase her. Nadia pulak would walk slowly holding her water bottle and hugs me and rahimah. wafaa, yani, and fatin plak would come out slowly while arguing about something they talk about in their class. basically thats how it is everyday. but i love it. and i miss it.
one by one, slowly, we each go on our separate ways.
Ain Mokhtar moved to a different planet called Rembau, studies in a sains school.
Nadia Rosnan too busy with her love life and is so focused on that sampai she kinds of forgot her friends. she fights and argues with her boyfriends at night, and brings that mood to school. I hope she forgets her stupid lovelife, and focus on what is important like SPM. she's a smart girl, she could actually score well in spm if she actually turns off her phone and focus in studies.
Rahimah Ali Darma, she separated in bad terms as in we were fighting. so things didn't go so well. actually I moved away before we could get better because she and nadia did. so I moved away from her in bad terms. but now it's alright. but it's not like before. I really miss her, and I can say she is one of three, i could really say my best friend, but things change. we lost our trust. we had a lot in common, and we would do a lot of things togther. I can be really stupid and ugly and she wouldn't even care. I miss her a lot. and only god knows. I really wish things could go as before. but i guess its fate.
Liza Anna James I know only one year. but there's a lot i can remember about her. I feel like ive known her forever. we instantly clicked because she had the attitude that anybody get along with. shes funny. she got me to love twilight. i miss her. everything was so fun with her. she moved to a different school. so yeahh.
Fatin Nazirah is gaga crazy. i stand so strong by my opinion which lady gaga has bad influence on everybody. thats all i have to say. okay i know she's in a different class and have new friends. but she doesn't really need to lose her old friends. betul tak? so what your new friends hebat lah sangat kan. hot lah sangat kan. popular lah sangat kan. but you can't forget your old friends. tak salah oh nak friends dengan duadua pihak. it's just not cool to fight with your bestfriends that had your back through these years. and tibatiba lupakan dia mcm tu je. apa laa? so She faded herself away by being friends with somebody cooler in her eyes. apa2 je lah. i hope she learns her mistake.
So yang tinggal je Wafaa Nordin and Sharifah Hayani. i love them both and i thank them for staying true. <3333333333

So i guess thats it. 2007, 2008, 2009. I want to bury those years.

Friday, March 18, 2011

When secrets reveal

You sat by the corner invincible
Days past, you were everywhere
What am I feeling here, didn't know this before
It was you through the open door

Questions dashed into my head
Why did I say the way I do?
Why didn't I see this? What's this feeling?
You're the last missing piece

Funny how I never realised
Bright light blinded my eyes
Funny how only now I realize
I feel the way I do

About you now you're so irresistible
I smile just thinking of you
In my dream you're the hero
you've been there before my eyes

And I can't help this feeling
It hurts me not to confess it
You're everything to me
When secrets reveal

No wonder was all I had to say
I noticed you and the way you move
The way you flick your hair and the way you smile
You just made me stay a while

Now you're everywhere to me
I would stop and watch you pass
Days dull dark nights without you here
Need you always near

Funny how I never realised
Bright light blinded my eyes
Funny how only now I realize
I feel the way I do

About you now you're so irresistible
I smile just thinking of you
In my dream you're the hero
you've been there before my eyes

And I can't help this feeling
It hurts me not to confess it
You're everything to me

The story had begun
without me even knowing
It was you that had me feeling
butterflies in early summers
and the story doesn't stop here
We've got miles to go
I just knew we were meant to be
when secrets reaveal

About you now you're so irresistible
I smile just thinking of you
In my dream you're the hero
you've been there before my eyes

And I can't help this feeling
It hurts me not to confess it
You're everything to me
When secrets reveal

Monday, January 31, 2011

Fresh Faces


a new year means a new attitude in life.

Before : mess, disorganized, grumpy, judgemental, stressed

Now : Clean, Organized, Happy, Outgoing.

*also not scared to try out new stuff