Friday, January 13, 2012

American Sign Language


Before HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER airs at 11.45, starworld shows this sitcom called switched at birth. I didn't enjoy the show at first because i didn't understand it. But, i thought I'd give the show a second try. Lookie-lookie I actually like the sitcom. It's not because of the plots, storyline, actors or so. I really took fascination in the sign language they do. It looks so cool to be able to communicate in sign language. and did i mention by doing it fast. It's so awesome.

With the free times I have when I'm not working, I decided to search on the web for some sites where I can learn sign language. so far, i have learned a few words, phrases and can make some conversation. This is actually for a good cause and not a waste of time because who knows, in the future maybe I could volunteer myself in a deaf organisation and can actually communicate with them. Helping others is what I long to do. growing up with a disabled person in my family makes me feel like i need to help others. I like the feeling of accomplishment. oh yeah, this reminds me. i just watched a show on E! called born different. something like that. it's about disabled people being born the way they are but manage to overcome their disabilities and become successful. They show determination and perseverance in anything they do. It's a proof that nothing is impossible. I cried watching it okay.

this is gonna be my dream.

Moreover, (cehh berkarangan lah pulak)

i bought a piano book that contains a lot of pieces. I think i put my hopes to high, because i can't actually read the notes. haha i have to right the letters on the music notes first. i think i stopped at stage 3, but bought a book of stagee 8. berlagak doh. HAHA. but it was five ringgit so what the hell! when else can i get a five ringgit music book okeh? so this is one other thing i hope to do during my free times. note the word *hope*. means, i'm not actually doing it yet. I'm known for having a lot of hopes and dreams but doesn't succeed. i fail or quit eventually. cepat bosan katakan. but i'm trying to terminate that horrible habit of mine. hopefully i can keep it up and not give up.

I have a viola but the bridge is broken. so i have to buy a bridge and get that it fixed. how much would it cost? i'm thinking of selling my viola. who would want it? because i want a violin instead. or where can i trade music instruments? i really want to continue playing this. maybe taking music lessons. but it's hard to find a viola player, but there are tons of violin players. so how? i don't want to waste the talent. HAHA.

*piano, keep in mind
*viola/violin, want to continue
*guitar, adios amigos. i like you but i don't think it's working out


I LOVE THE BEATLESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsss. i watch their music videos on youtube repeatedly because they make my day! i smile watching it. HAHA. it's good music peopleeeeeeeeeeeee. they are just oh so totally AWESOME!
BON JOVIIIIIIIII, i love their music<3333333. thats real rock and roll.
I want their albums so badly. I go to the CD shop on my break time to take a look at their albums. but the price man? AAAHHHHHH.

work? is okay. I'm still learning. even though the pay is not as great as others. but it will do. i want to work not for the money, but to learn and gain experience. i like always having an agenda to accomplish. it keeps me busy. i like that. it's like preparing me for the real world ahead. not there to make friends. its just a pit stop for me to gain new things. in two months im outta the there.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is it to late to say hey 2012

Ehem, ehem
I'm glad to say I have been employed. WOHO. where you say? mph subang parade. i worked there for only two days and then i get two days off. how cool is that huh.
2012 started with some highs and some lows. the highs are as i stated above.
the low is that I CAN'T HEAR. seriously i can't hear anything in my left ear. Is my eardrum broken or something? I dont know. It's really annoying how I can't hear what people are saying. I keep on saying HUH HUH but people get annoyed repeating the things they say.
and my ear is starting to hurt.

I want my hearing backkkkkkkkk :(

tambah lagi tambah lagi

kan duduk dekat rembau 2 tahun. that's kind of a long time. so i had a MASSIVE change from being a budak USJ to a budak Rembau. dulu aku mana ada cakap 'aku kau'. sebab orang lain mesti ejek cara aku cakap ni. so the safer idea is to say 'i and u' instead. so duduk dekat usj ni semua orang aku communicate aku cakap 'i u'. hey u tgh buat apa? i takde buat pape, u? mcm gitu la. its normal to me. pastu aku cakap dulu cam sopan sikit la. cam girlgirl gedik2 sikit. cara aku cakap and slang tu aku tekan kan lagi. nampak lah kononnya mcm woaa budak bandar. perangai pun cam jagajaga sikit. covercover lah katakan. 'eh u ni. apa la u' HAHA. so pindah semesra kan, i had a drastic change. cakap kasar sikit, pandai sakat orang, pandai kenakan orang. kot la. budakbudak ni lah yang ajar. aku cakap sekarang pun aku kau dgn sapasapa je. cakap dah tak payah cover sebab kita semua kan friends. aku pun dah terbiasa cakap aku kau tak kira la dgn permpuan atau lelaki.
then sekolah habis, balik USJ. kena kembali jadi budak USJ. kena covercover balik, cakap 'i u' and gelak kena cam gedik sikit. aku tak tahu kenapa aku dah tak biasa da cakap 'i u'. mcm eee pelik nya. kenapa aku ni? it soounds so weird now to be saying 'i u' in a malay sentence. rasa macam apahal gedik sangat aku ni. pelik lah. i dont know how i did it in the past. but now it sounds so weird. maybe as malia said, "kalau cakap aku kau macam lagi rapat" its kind of true.
so help. i'm trying to say i u again. but its so not me anymore. HAHH, i dont know. i've got to get use to it.

ok bye nak pergi kerja