Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Munafiqun and Ummah of the final era.

A khutbah at UIA by Ustad Nouman when he was here. A 30 MINUTES WORTH OF WATCHING. Very MIND OPENING. [ Search The Munafiqs (hypocrites) - Nouman Ali Khan ] We can truly understand the ummah that we are SUPPOSED to be like, as what is told in the Al Quran. But sadly we are NOT. And how in surah Al Baqarah there's a long long long story about Bani Israel. but we don't bother to understand it. Have you ever wonder why the kiblat was changed from Al Aqsa which is in Jerusalem to Makkah? The Bani Israel. Its not like they don't believe in Allah. they are people with knowledge. They have a lot of knowledge. They know. But they chose not to believe. And thats the munafiqs. Allah USED to honor the bani israel. But because they chose to disbelieve, Allah disqualifies them. and make a NEW UMMAH (which is us, hence the change of kiblat). They know or they say they believe but they really don't. And sadly to see. It's kind of whats happening now. Don't you think?

Like people are Islam on their identification card, and they say they believe in Allah, they are Islam, on facebook on twitter on instagram. But do they really manifest it? Do do they act like it? Do they really act like people who are Islam? We are SUPPOSED to take the story of Bani Israel in surah Al Baqarah as a LIFE LESSON. To NOT BE LIKE THEM. But yet we are kind of heading towards the way that they were........... Prophet Muhammad SAW would be very DISAPPOINTED TO SEE THE UMMAH IT IS NOW. After so much he has done for us..

and the month of RAMADHAN. the holy month. its our independence month. This month is not only about doing Ibadah, fasting, reciting the Quran. It's also a month where are SUPPOSED to be refreshed as an UMMAH of Islam.. Change the way we think. Reflect back on ourselves. Be a good muslim. Repair our akhlak. But DO WE REALLY?

Especially after seeing that VIRAL VIDEO OF THAT CAR ACCIDENT. it really makes sense. Yeah what that girl did was wrong. Yeah it was so no right . especially in bulan Ramadhan (same goes with every other month, it'll still be wrong) but what the people commented about her??? Yeah sure she put a shame on the Islam community. But bashing her, talking smack about her, stalk her, and say bad things about her, and have intentions of doing bad things to her. REALLY DOESN'T MAKE YOU THE BETTER PERSON. We should be a united UMMAH. what she did was wrong so give advice to her nicely so she can learn from it. not making it viral so the whole Malaysia can see. Bangga ke ada orang memalukan Islam?? Ye kita malu sebab dia memalukan islam but YET WE SHARE IT SO EVERY MALAYSIAN CAN SEE? kata bulan Ramadhan kena buat baik.. banyak bersabar.. but SHARING it will make other lose their SABR. and SHARING it make other people talk smalk about her. It's not doing any good. if we SHARE it we are actually creating sins for other people. Don't you think???

Just let it be as a lesson to not be like that. and enough. I think everybody can think for themselves. We don't have to be detectives and stalk dia sampai nak buat jahat kat dia. What she did put a shame on Islam (from the comments I've read). But what WE are doing is just puting more shame.

WAKE UP people... Jom lah jadi ummah yang Rasulullah SAW nak kita jadi. Jom lah jadi ummah seperti ditulis dalam Al Quran. Jom lah jadi UMMATAN WASATAN. An ummah of balance. An ummah of moderation. An Ummah of justice. In which the Ummah have both the KNOWLEDGE and ACT upon it. not only have the knowledge.

Na'uzubillahiminzalik. may Allah forbid us from being in the Munafiqs...