Sunday, September 16, 2012

pictures worth a million words

malia, ain, ain <3 p="p">
the girls :D

Malia kushairi 




6 GIRLS WITH 1 GREAT GUY in a team can bring you down!

<3 p="p">

Thursday, September 6, 2012


HALAMAK my English is so broken. I can't speak fluent English anymoree. oh nooooo!
I need to read more english novels and watch more english movies and speak english with people!


MUET test coming up next month. can't be too confident. i need to practice :D

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Merdeka Raya

Maybe I'll take this time to write something even though its 1 in the morning.
statistic test is creeping in the morning. truth be told. I STUDIED. but i can never seem to do well in these tessts. the application questions confuse me. i guess i gotta work harder huh.

LOOKIE LOOKIE. theres one month left of the 1st sem. Final exams is just around the corner. omg omg omg. i can't believe how long i have been in Asasi Pintar. woww. its september. and only three months until the new year.

that reminds me. 2013! I get to open my time capsule! i made it in my 3rd grade class with Mrs. Ware. awesome awesome. i can't recall what i put in there. so after 10 years i finally get to open it. i can't believe it. the year seemed so far then, but now its approaching very near. i can't believe it :)

HEHE. look how small we were. so cute. oh yeah and we still do keep in touch. i really miss my awesome childhood. this is in the third grade. believe it or not, each and every one has graduated from 12th grade is continuing their studies to college and universities. we are adults now :D

YUP there it is. behold behold. I kept this since the third grade. three months to go lalala.

is it too late wish a EID MUBARAK. we had a simple raya in subang jaya this year

uuu  my english is getting broken. i haven't had a full english conversation with anyone in a long time. and because of that, i borrowed a book about public speaking and a book of vocabulary from permata pintar's library. i feel so lame.

I don't know why, but i stutter a lot. seriously a lot. its like my brain and my mouth doesn't work together. i have to actually think what to say before actually saying it. and i feel like my american accent is not going anywhere. it still sticks. and i sound weird. so i some times tend to just be reserved and not say anything. which is not a good thing.

I'm missing these girls a lot. they got sent to PERLIS. thats miles and miles away. i miss the way things were when we're in the form 1 :'/


*over takkk?*

so we the asasipintar students spent our 1st merdeka together in UKM's very own hall, DECTAR. which stands for dewan Cansellor Tunku Abdul Razak. it was quite a blast actually. fortunately there was wifi signals so everyone was so occupied by their smartphones ya knaww. first we had to hear the forums about i dont know. *obviously i was one of them that wasnt listening* Its not like i dont want to nor did i not try but its just erm erm. haha. i didnt understand the topic in the first place :/ persembahan dia besstttt. nyanyi nyanyi. :D frankly, there were no fireworks. we were in the hall okay. confetti i guess replaced it. oh well.

So here are a few things since i've posted my previous post.


*iftar at Najib's house* PM wuuu

*we the mighty 4! cookie monsters aummm! gedik tak pakai baju sama ? *

*Iftar at ze flamingo hotel with mostly ex 5alrazians and a few valeds *

*Eid with the MPH peeps*




im still stuck behind these walls

"These Walls"

I can't believe what is in front of me
The water's rising up to my knees
And I can't figure out
How the hell I wound up here
Everything seemed okay when I started out the other day
Then the rain came pouring down
And now I'm drowning in my fears
And as I watch the setting sun
I wonder if I'm the only one

Cause everybody tries to put some love on the line
And everybody feels a broken heart sometimes
And even when I'm scared I have to try to fly
Sometimes I fall
But I've seen it done before
I gotta step outside these walls

I've got no master plan to help me out
Or make me stand up for
All the things that I really want
You had me too afraid to ask
And as I look ahead of me
I cry and pray for sanity


These walls can't be my haven
These walls can't keep me safe here
And now I guess I gotta let them down

Cause everybody tries to put some love on the line
And everybody feels a broken heart sometimes, yeah
Even when I'm scared I have to try to fly
Sometimes I fall
But I've seen it done before

I got to break out...
I got to break out...
I got to step outside these walls
Love outside these walls
I feel my heart breaking
But its a brand new day
I'm going down
I'm stepping out
I'm stepping outside
These walls
(I've seen it done before.. I'm walking on, I'll walk it off, oh I'm moving on)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

I miss you

There are just loads of things that I miss

1. working at MPH
2. The girls in MPH + some other colleagues
3. My mommy's cooking
4. A birthday dinner :'( *didn't get one this year*
5. Family road trips
6. Just simply grocery shopping with my family.
7. 5 AL RAZI.
9. Adik-adik Lela Maharaja 1 ku
10. My form 1 friends
12. Late night conversation with dorm mates, housemates, classmates, and batchmates
13. Iftar with 5 Al Razi girls
14. Running around in our hostel on the weekends with the girls
15. guys who don't simply try to pick up some girls. guys who actually wanna make friends. Yeah, my guy schoolmates are awesome.
16. cheerleading with fazrul.
17. Going to coop after prep
18. Solat berjemaah di surau semesra.
19. dengar tazkirah badar
20. jogging around the neighbourhood and actually feel safe
21. going to the park and feel safe
22. snow
23. physical activities with my siblings
24. laughing laughing laughing sincerely in class
26. to be able to speak English fluently

AND THE LIST JUST KEEPS GOING ON AND ON . i'll never reach the end

I miss you
I miss your smile
And I still shed a tear
Every once in a while
And even though it's different now
You're still here somehow
My heart won't let you go
And I need you to know
I miss you, sha la la la la
I miss you

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ramadhan is coming !

So cheers to my ASASIpintar mates, may we stick together through thick and thin, during the rough times studying for our exams. There's only 29 of us left, but that's enough to succeed. We are the last people standing. We have each other to help out and support when trouble comes in our way. When the less gets lesser. But the less is more. Our main goal is to be the first and the best batch  ASASIpintar could ask for. Strive to the fullest, Aim for the best, Success comes after.

P.S we'll have our first RAMADHAN together. may Allah bless us during the month of mercy and forgiveness. I'm so looking forward to spending the time with this new family. 

can't believe im turning 18 in 2 weeks, i just barely stepped into the university life.
but loving every moment.

University Kebangsaan Malaysia, after a week of battle between two paths that will change my future. a battle between what I want and What's the best for my future. I chose my future because i'm still naive. what I want may not be the best. God knows best. maybe I did actually decided to go to KMKN/UniKL RCMP/Vinayaka Commission University but I was never satisfied with that decision. There was a lot of obstacle I had to overcome during the process. So why the heck am I burdening my self for something that is not worth my future. After final discussions with the professor here, I decided to stay. Why waste an opportunity to study in UKM. FYI, UKM ranks top 100 in the world. Vinayaka is not even ranked top 200 in India itself. I secured my spot in the best University for medicine in Malaysia. People want to study abroad, but it doesn't really mean that abroad is better? UKM in Malaysia is like Harvard in the US. maybe a little exaggerated. Anyways, I'm glad I'm staying here. It is the better decision. A valuable lesson learnt here is to consider the parents decision. Parents blessings are important. Parents will have your back and will support you under any circumstances. Furthermore, In God we trust. Have faith in the master of all creation. He who knows everything. He who has plans for us, those plans are the best. *maybe there was a reason I was didn't get accepted to MARA's program in the first place*

I just really love love love this picture. It's so adorable.  It's so cute! We are like oh so all grown up. we're in UNIVERSITY LIFE. Billion thanks to these fellas because they've helped me in tons of ways during high school. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for them. And I always know they'll support me in whatever I do, and gives me superb advices when hardships come along. Thanks guys :'D

Goodbye old Semesra 9A+ SPM geeky look. Say hello to a college student, more matured (ehh) hipster look ?

An afternoon out with them Taylor's students expenses supported by MARA, JPA, and Petronas scholar. UNTUNG LAH :'D 

tout le meilleur

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Life as a UKM Student 

I was stuttered by the cocking sounds
vibration made by my phone under the pillow
resembling a new day
Budging like a turtle out of bed, so slow

Fling the curtains wide
Rays piercing into my eyes
and glance at the smiling sun
Hoping today brings joy and fun

During class I blankly stare
on the glass board I blindly glare
trying to make sense of all
My mind scrambles like a New Year in the mall

Focus is what I should do
desperately trying to understand something new
But quitting is never the option
I must grip on a new vision

Confusing, flustering, cluttering, struggling
Now I'm enduring, striving, persevering 
Aspire to stand on two feet
A bright future I hope to meet 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What if he doesn't exist anymore ?

"Dear MPH customers, we will be closing in 10 minutes time, kindly make your final selection and proceed to the nearest cashier counter for payment... "
as I would say before the closing of MPH

I just really miss them. I've never met anybody like them and they make me happy. I enjoy their company and just being surrounded by great people like them. I had a wonderful time working with Mph Subang Parade for five months. The experiences gained was worth all the trouble waking up heading home late.  Even though we are from different age groups, but we respect each other as equal. We can have fun crack jokes while working and I miss that. Great memories :')

My fellow Customer Service Department team mate 

My boss at the Customer Service Department
One of my peers , Spm leavers , great helper :)

I just really miss Sam okay :( He would disturb me in a fun way, he knows how to cheer me up, he just lightens the life in mph. I miss his funny jokes and saying. He's so nice and so helpful. Uh I don't know how much he helped me. please dont be fooled by the looks. he's not 18. actually 9 years older. :O *this picture is just too cute*

Amsyar :D

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's the only thing that I had

A girl just wants attention. Not in a bad way I mean. Generally, people giving  you their attention just makes you feel wanted and needed. It's probably one of the best feelings. After love. 


*living in the shadow, of some one else's dream, trying to find a hand to hold but everything every touch felt cold to me*

Monday, June 25, 2012

A day like no other


*Permata Pintar Olympiad*
I thought I would just scramble through the test. write whatever pops in my mind first. i didn't even understand the questions. That was a long '3-hour test'. but it felt like only 30 minutes. Even though the program was for 2 days. I skipped all the talks and went back home. The next day, I arrived at Permata Pintar just in time, then I heard my name was called. wootwoot. i managed to obtain a silver metal. Borhan would be so proud of me :')

*satay satay and a drive around putrajaya*
Oh yeahhh, Ex class monitor took me on a ride in his new car. It was so cool. Ah my friends are all so grown up. They can drive me places. Thanks for the ride back to UKM Ilman:D
Thanks for picking me up too Cikgu Suriya 

*Ex-Pasums future leaders of Malaysia ehhhh*
sangat PROFIT la mereka ni dapat sambung studies di oversea. kanak-kanak MARA and FELDA. ehh what do you call this xi shua xi shua eh?

OOO Ilman drivingggg :D

I wonder who will be taking my heart in the future ?

Asasi Pintar Girls :D

So we were celebrating teacher appreciation day. we got balloons so this is what we did. "appreciate" I guess not. 

I still find myself lost here. I just can't be who I really am because I let my insecurities get the best of me. How can I destroy this wall that is preventing me to be who i am. why does it take so long for me to adapt to a new situation ? I'll  just have to cope. The fact is, I'm struggling here. with lots of assignments and tutorials due. Students here are super smart. I feel lost and blur all the time. When I'm sad I usually find someone to spill my guts, but there just isn't anyone to turn to. Haven't found anyone that would lend a shoulder to cry. Sometimes I feel aggravated because I know I can get a long and be happy but there's something stopping me? Why Why? This place, Is it a mistake ? How would I be if I made a different choice?
Dear God, help me. Show me the right path. Am I making the right decisions? You know the best. I hope there's something in store in the future that would make everything better. Give me strength

yeah, but I still like it here. Trying to like the people
Please get this year over with. 9 months to go.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

here comes JUNE


Its been like seriously damn while since I've written anything! the last time i wrote is about me working at MPH. and i quit like a month ago already. weheee.  to up to date thingsss. pshhtt it's not like anybody's gonna read this. okay, for the future me ;)


yaa, today is the morning of 1st June 2012 :) in a blink of an eye , we're half way through the year. so fastttt like thattt.  I should be taking a shower, but instead i decide to write this blog since I read othman's blog and i feel so touched. i also want to write. anyways, im needing to write something or spill out my guts to someone or something because so many things have been going on since the last post.

On may 23, 2012 I officially became a university student in University Kebangsaan Malaysia. The course I am taking is Asasi permata pintar negara. wahhh. Initially there were 52 people who registered, but since scholarships have announced the results, only 37 people are left. including me.

I have a one great roommate who is just as silly and goofy and blurry like me. HAHA.

soooooo, as now i continue this post on 17th June 2012. yeah i dont really have time to right blogs as now i'm enrolling Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

I remember last year Borhan and Izzuddin compete in the Olympiad, only now how i know how they feel. it was damn hard. i just took the test this morning it was like asdfkj. 3 hours of my life i didn't know what i was writing. bahhhh. but whatever its over

Im in SET 2 of asasi pintar. which only consists of 14 students. 7 girls and 7 boys. but one has gone already, one is about to (wouldn't reject JPA's scholarship la kan) , another is considering MARA. so that leaves with pfft 11 students ?! Just as our bonds are getting closer and tighter like covalent bond, we received bad news as were informed that set 2 will broken in to two. half will enter set 1 , the others will enter set 3. this isn't confirmed just yet. so who knowwsss. we'll wait for monday to see. weeee.

So i made a few friends ( I can't say a whole lot because there isn't that many people) and just minggling here and there. getting know people. luckily i did find some cracked ones haha. but the asasi pintar students are all coooooll :D

THEY ARE SUPER SMART! I don't feel like i belong here because when the lecturer explains something everybody else seems like they understand already, and im like OMFG please repeat peat peat. the blurriesttt slowest person in class. oohh ohh me me! the laziest and sleepiest. AIN lah namanya. bhaha. seriously, the students are so smart macam othman and borhan tau. i'm like in a class full of othmans and borhans. sometimes i feel like quitting because i can't catch up. but thats not the promise i made to myself and my family.

Despite not able to understand in class, i will study hard afterwards to make myself understand. i'm gonna study hard work hard strive persevere. weeee. i wanna be great medical student. im not letting twitter and facebook interfere with my studies. i will not let the media distract me. im strong. i can do this. i can do this. this is it this is the moment. bhaha. so far this "4.0 GPA" thing is not looking good for me. because i haven't being so great in pop quizzes, post tests, and tutorials. :( but its okay. i'll start slow and steady. i may be quite slow and blur in the beginning, hopefully i can progress and achive that 4.0. oh yeahhh. i'll do it :)

unfortunately i will not be accepted to MARA. tak apa la. tak ada rezeki kan. UKM is fine with me. who knows ukm is much better for me. who knows kan. hanya Dia yang merancang. RancanganNya mesti terbaik untuk kita kan.

I'm all set, i want to be a doctor. oh yeah. Dr.Norain :) aww i'm gonna cry because i feel so grown up, I can't believe it :')

I really miss working at MPH, I miss them peeps there. they're really nice and they make me laugh. i have fun with them always. Sam, Aisya, Najwa, Fazira, Lan, Azery, Kak Syira, Afiq, dan banyak lagiii .

5 Al RAZI 2011, i miss them so damn much . only god knows. seriously i just want to relive 2011. it was a great year. i am so thankful to have met them. oh i love them. now they are all studying in different places, about to continue overseas. may you guys be successful. we'll meet again in the future a better person. insyaAllah. :')

so i guess that's all i have to say.

au revoir

for now


Monday, March 26, 2012

What About now ?

March 21, 2012 :)

The date. The date I anticipated since I was told to put my pen down. The wait was long while but yet it seemed so short.

Alhamdulillah I manage to pull of 9A's like i had planned. But I fell short from my all time dream of 9A+ by just 2A's. It's funny how one of the subject is English. So much for me living in The United States for 5 years. I was still happy for my results. 7A+ 2A is better than i imagined. I was dreading to know my result for biology. I wasn't even sure I could get and A-, it was damn hard. I cried after the test okay. 70% adalah bantai sahaja. but Alhamdulillah I achieved an A.

Congratulations to Othman Affan, Borhan, and Hafizah. I'm so proud of them :') they deserve it.

I've come along way. To see the outcome of something i've worked for for the past two years. Unbelievable. I'm so glad I chose Sekolah Menengah Sains Rembau. The school played a major part in my life. Especially high school life. I get to meet real awesome people that are really smart. Alaaa, high school life is over la :'(

I worked real hard, woke up early in the morning everyday with YATI, head to school early with MALIA, stay back at school real late. tertidur sampai lepas azan Asar. hek hek hek. going to class before solat maghrib dengan Malia or Ain N. Stay up malam malam dengan Yati. Spending my two whole days of saturday and sunday in class studying catching up with my notes, revising while listening to othman and izzuddin sing. IT WAS ALL WORTH IT.

I want to make special thanks to a few people that seriously helped me during the SPM course. Especially throughout form 5. I couldn't have done it without them. SERIOUSLY

First of all, rakan semejaku. Satu meja Beta. Tutor Add math and Physics aku. Dulu aku tak faham langsung Physics and it shows since markah aku sentiasa C masa form 4. *Time ni kita tak rapat lagi* Hujung tahun form 4 baru cam dah kenal kenal *padahal satu kelas* Then time form 5 aku kerap pergi kat dia and mintak tolong. aku rasa dia pun cam muak tengok muka aku. Asalkan aku tak faham soalan physic or addmath je aku pergi kat dia. Then masa bulan trial kita jadi deskmates! dia duduk depan aku. so tak payah lah kan aku nak jalan mintak tolong. Lagi banyak la aku minta tolong daripada dia. So baru mata aku terbuka besaq punyaaa. WOAH faham nya laa Physics ni. ruparupanya senang je kottt. Hatiku pun terbuka kepada Physics dan lebih suka kan physics daripada biology. tapi chemistry tetap jadi pilihan utama. Untuk addmaths pula, dia tolong terangkan kat aku segalanya sampai ak faham, sampaikan aku lebih suka buat soalan yang rumit. lagi suka bila aku dapat jawab dulu sebelum dia. Huahuahua. So jadi lah competition yang sengit tapi sihat antara aku dan dia. At the end, aku menang juga. hahahaha. tapi all thanks to him. huuuu. honestly laaaaa, ni la pembakaran semangat ku, buat aku nak belajar bersungguh-sungguh, work really hard, my ultimate motivation. *aku kan tak nak kalah* . it was a great competition , batttle , war throught trial and jadual anjal. tapi kita sama-sama berjaya dalam SPM just like we hoped kan kan kan. JADINYA beribu-ribu terima kasih aku ucapkan kepadanya, thank youuuuuu a lotttt for being my tutor, i couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much. I still plan on meeting you at KLIA with you in your coat and me in my blazer. itu la dia Razin Abd Rashid :)

Ribuan terima kasih tak terhingga kepada dua genius rakan sekelas kuu. Othman Affan dan Muhammad Borhan. Banyak sungguh laa dorang limpahkan ilmu kepada ku. aku bersyukur je la aku dapat kenal mereka berdua ni. YT setiap 9 subject. huahuahua. Othman terutamanya dalam biology. dia pandai terangkan segala biology sampai aku faham. borhan pula adalah Plan B untuk physic. kalau razin tak dapat jawab, maka BORHAN lah jawapannya. Dia orang ni pandai sangat. so tak boleh jadi ni. It makes me work a whole lot harder. If I can't beat them, getting close to them would also be great. They are the major competition. Apa yang Othman buat aku pun buat. apa yang borhan buat aku pun buat. asalkan aku dapat jadi pandai macam diaorang. huaaa LOLOLO. Thank you guysss :)

Kepada wanitasss Shamimi Waheddah, Liyana Mahirah, Farah Syaira. banyak sungguh laa mereka tolong aku nii. mimi dengan sejarah dan biologynya. liyana jadi partner belajar ku. kita sama-sama tak faham, kita sama-sama mencari penyelesaiannya betul takk? kita sama-sama berjaya. dah Farah Syaira yang banyak tolong aku since form 4. dia pandai gila and aku envy gila kat dia. for chemistry, biology and add math, dia banyak terangkan kat aku. terima kasih laa yaa :)

JADINYA, aku nak ucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada warga MEJA BETA yang ku sayangi yang sentiasa menghiburkan aku during the tough times of TRIAL, JADUAL ANJAL, and SPM itself. Khairunnisa, Afiq, and Razin.
Terima kasih warga Al Razian 2011. i'm gonna miss you guyssss :'(((((
Dan seluruh warga VALEDICTORIAN yang kusayangi. i'm so proud of us.
top 7 yeahhhh :)


credits to yasmeen fazeera who also achieved 9As :)


Just testing

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

just wonder why

As i'm employed, the are so many different kinds of people with different personalities i get to discover. I get to experie
.nce the real deal you know. The way unknown people are and how'd they treat you at the first meet. So it's weird. Different from hostel.
In general, we can differentiate between halal food and non right. We know it's a sin to eat it. It just makes me wonder why people care so much about that but necleck to solat. How people can give speech and saying from hadith but doesn't solat. Like thats the most important thing u know. You're just there. And you really seem to care. So close. But you just dont know. Or just no one to show you. How ashame. Sayang sekali.
Feeling weird. When your friends say theyre gonna pray and youre like uuhhh ok. Dont you feel guilty? Bukan la apa. People know whats right from wrong. Its just ashame. It's not like they dont know at all. Maybe just no one there to make it clear. I've just been wondering about this since i got out of school. Just curious. People nowadays.

Monday, February 27, 2012

How fast can you type?

Typing Test Score

Visit the Typing Test and try!

oh yeah i type fast man, 3480 of 73999 . my ranking ya'll . do the math. top 5 % ya'll . no wonder i get comments like this "wow, lajunya dia type" "perghh, type siap tak pandang keyboard lak tu" "kau type macam chatting je" "kau banyak sangat main FB" "laju gila kau" HEHEHEHEHE. it's called training ya'll. you have five fingers on each hand. use it wisely. each finger are meant to press a certain button. do the math.
hahahaha. bajet gila aku. XD

Thursday, February 23, 2012

this is what happen when you take away internet from me for 2 weeks

semua benda tak kena!
ini salah itu salah. segala-galanya tak betul. i can't even make up my mind! should i or should i not?

what should i do? i'm not going to sleep until i figure out what i should do when i wake up. should i go to work? or should i just go on with my day off. but if my day off turns out to be a day sitting at home being a lazy couch potato. then rugi nya cuti. i'm afraid that'll happen. but what if i went to work ans my sister decided to hangout for her birthday. but what if she comes home very tired and decides not to go out. seee, i can't even make up my mind. i need some to help me find an answer. but anyways i'm working morning shift so we could just have a birthday dinner. anyways ayah is going with amirul to do something and mak is working. adik and aiman are going to school. and balong is working. so i don't think anybody will be home anyways. like 51% of me says i should go to work. anyways i'll be home at 6. then 49% of me says i should go on with my day off. so bite me -.- but i think i'm going to work. sorry kakngah :( we'll still have a birthday dinner with everyone here. except balong will be at work.

work work work. is that all i can talk about? well i am working like 5 days a week. 1o hours a day. what other possible things can go on. am i not correct? omg who am i talking to. haha. so work is like completely not fun anymore. it used to be. i used to be so happy when a customer comes and ask for help. now i'm like oh its just there at that shelf. in my heart im like * you can go search it yourself*. but that wouldn't be appropriate now wouldn't it. haha. i used to be so excited to work and feel responsible and hardworking and all. but now its like BLAH. seriously i can't think of a single word in the dictionary that can describe the way i feel. haha. i have not a mood at all to search for books.

a customer comes and ask for a book. then he makes a comment "it's hard isn't it find a book. don't you guys arrange the books in alphabetical order?"

yeah duhhhh. i've been saying that all this while. but typical malay. i dont know. i can't really say it in public. HAHA.

okay susah gila tau tak nak cari buku. especially when the book is not suppose to be on that shelf. or especially when all the books aren't perfectly arranged. i dont know.

i had this conversation with my colleagues. that reminds me. i miss them. all of the people that i worked with since i've started which is on new years has all gone. now are all new people. and it's not the same. i like how the people were in january. it was much funner then. haha. lunch dates and all. dulu i look forward to work so i can meet up my colleagues i dont know just because. now it's like i don't look forward in seeing anybody. idk. i miss them okay. i miss the oh my god. the i don't knows. the screw yous. and the like like. and the english and all. hahah. it's nice to speak in full english with someone okay.
sam. furqan. farhana. anis. hairi. ilias. azery. fiza. aishah.

just felt like typing their names there. no motive. goshh i miss them.

i miss everything about it. even how much i swear to myself i won't be the one thats so omg i miss this that this that. haha. but i do. i can't help it. the life there is just so EASY. i just know what to do and when to do it. everything is as it's has been planned out. i never get bored of my daily routines. and it always run perfectly well. i miss playing basketball. i miss just sitting on my chair at my desk just staring out of the window to the assembly ground. i miss walking at the night times. hostel life is so much fun. and i'm so greatful to have an experience like that. not everyone has the chance, so it's a great thing to talk about when i meet new people. kan.
so i'm meeting up few ex school mates. and dearest ex classmate. i really miss just sitting in class and chit chat. i miss them. so i can't wait to go back to school and re minis everything.

growing up is tough. gradually stepping into the "real life" is a challenge. i just need to be prepared. and i need to expect the unexpected. i must let go of my school/hostel life as it's the past. it just is what it is. this week i realize that i'm growing up. i'm not longer a kid. and this is the real deal. i don't ask money from my parents anymore. i'm hanging out with older people and going back home late. my mom no longer drive me to and from anywhere. i top up with my own money. i wash my own clothes. i cook my own food. this is it man. how do i put this. I AM SCARED

okay thats it. au revoir :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

American Sign Language


Before HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER airs at 11.45, starworld shows this sitcom called switched at birth. I didn't enjoy the show at first because i didn't understand it. But, i thought I'd give the show a second try. Lookie-lookie I actually like the sitcom. It's not because of the plots, storyline, actors or so. I really took fascination in the sign language they do. It looks so cool to be able to communicate in sign language. and did i mention by doing it fast. It's so awesome.

With the free times I have when I'm not working, I decided to search on the web for some sites where I can learn sign language. so far, i have learned a few words, phrases and can make some conversation. This is actually for a good cause and not a waste of time because who knows, in the future maybe I could volunteer myself in a deaf organisation and can actually communicate with them. Helping others is what I long to do. growing up with a disabled person in my family makes me feel like i need to help others. I like the feeling of accomplishment. oh yeah, this reminds me. i just watched a show on E! called born different. something like that. it's about disabled people being born the way they are but manage to overcome their disabilities and become successful. They show determination and perseverance in anything they do. It's a proof that nothing is impossible. I cried watching it okay.

this is gonna be my dream.

Moreover, (cehh berkarangan lah pulak)

i bought a piano book that contains a lot of pieces. I think i put my hopes to high, because i can't actually read the notes. haha i have to right the letters on the music notes first. i think i stopped at stage 3, but bought a book of stagee 8. berlagak doh. HAHA. but it was five ringgit so what the hell! when else can i get a five ringgit music book okeh? so this is one other thing i hope to do during my free times. note the word *hope*. means, i'm not actually doing it yet. I'm known for having a lot of hopes and dreams but doesn't succeed. i fail or quit eventually. cepat bosan katakan. but i'm trying to terminate that horrible habit of mine. hopefully i can keep it up and not give up.

I have a viola but the bridge is broken. so i have to buy a bridge and get that it fixed. how much would it cost? i'm thinking of selling my viola. who would want it? because i want a violin instead. or where can i trade music instruments? i really want to continue playing this. maybe taking music lessons. but it's hard to find a viola player, but there are tons of violin players. so how? i don't want to waste the talent. HAHA.

*piano, keep in mind
*viola/violin, want to continue
*guitar, adios amigos. i like you but i don't think it's working out


I LOVE THE BEATLESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsss. i watch their music videos on youtube repeatedly because they make my day! i smile watching it. HAHA. it's good music peopleeeeeeeeeeeee. they are just oh so totally AWESOME!
BON JOVIIIIIIIII, i love their music<3333333. thats real rock and roll.
I want their albums so badly. I go to the CD shop on my break time to take a look at their albums. but the price man? AAAHHHHHH.

work? is okay. I'm still learning. even though the pay is not as great as others. but it will do. i want to work not for the money, but to learn and gain experience. i like always having an agenda to accomplish. it keeps me busy. i like that. it's like preparing me for the real world ahead. not there to make friends. its just a pit stop for me to gain new things. in two months im outta the there.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is it to late to say hey 2012

Ehem, ehem
I'm glad to say I have been employed. WOHO. where you say? mph subang parade. i worked there for only two days and then i get two days off. how cool is that huh.
2012 started with some highs and some lows. the highs are as i stated above.
the low is that I CAN'T HEAR. seriously i can't hear anything in my left ear. Is my eardrum broken or something? I dont know. It's really annoying how I can't hear what people are saying. I keep on saying HUH HUH but people get annoyed repeating the things they say.
and my ear is starting to hurt.

I want my hearing backkkkkkkkk :(

tambah lagi tambah lagi

kan duduk dekat rembau 2 tahun. that's kind of a long time. so i had a MASSIVE change from being a budak USJ to a budak Rembau. dulu aku mana ada cakap 'aku kau'. sebab orang lain mesti ejek cara aku cakap ni. so the safer idea is to say 'i and u' instead. so duduk dekat usj ni semua orang aku communicate aku cakap 'i u'. hey u tgh buat apa? i takde buat pape, u? mcm gitu la. its normal to me. pastu aku cakap dulu cam sopan sikit la. cam girlgirl gedik2 sikit. cara aku cakap and slang tu aku tekan kan lagi. nampak lah kononnya mcm woaa budak bandar. perangai pun cam jagajaga sikit. covercover lah katakan. 'eh u ni. apa la u' HAHA. so pindah semesra kan, i had a drastic change. cakap kasar sikit, pandai sakat orang, pandai kenakan orang. kot la. budakbudak ni lah yang ajar. aku cakap sekarang pun aku kau dgn sapasapa je. cakap dah tak payah cover sebab kita semua kan friends. aku pun dah terbiasa cakap aku kau tak kira la dgn permpuan atau lelaki.
then sekolah habis, balik USJ. kena kembali jadi budak USJ. kena covercover balik, cakap 'i u' and gelak kena cam gedik sikit. aku tak tahu kenapa aku dah tak biasa da cakap 'i u'. mcm eee pelik nya. kenapa aku ni? it soounds so weird now to be saying 'i u' in a malay sentence. rasa macam apahal gedik sangat aku ni. pelik lah. i dont know how i did it in the past. but now it sounds so weird. maybe as malia said, "kalau cakap aku kau macam lagi rapat" its kind of true.
so help. i'm trying to say i u again. but its so not me anymore. HAHH, i dont know. i've got to get use to it.

ok bye nak pergi kerja