Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What if he doesn't exist anymore ?

"Dear MPH customers, we will be closing in 10 minutes time, kindly make your final selection and proceed to the nearest cashier counter for payment... "
as I would say before the closing of MPH

I just really miss them. I've never met anybody like them and they make me happy. I enjoy their company and just being surrounded by great people like them. I had a wonderful time working with Mph Subang Parade for five months. The experiences gained was worth all the trouble waking up heading home late.  Even though we are from different age groups, but we respect each other as equal. We can have fun crack jokes while working and I miss that. Great memories :')

My fellow Customer Service Department team mate 

My boss at the Customer Service Department
One of my peers , Spm leavers , great helper :)

I just really miss Sam okay :( He would disturb me in a fun way, he knows how to cheer me up, he just lightens the life in mph. I miss his funny jokes and saying. He's so nice and so helpful. Uh I don't know how much he helped me. please dont be fooled by the looks. he's not 18. actually 9 years older. :O *this picture is just too cute*

Amsyar :D

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's the only thing that I had

A girl just wants attention. Not in a bad way I mean. Generally, people giving  you their attention just makes you feel wanted and needed. It's probably one of the best feelings. After love. 


*living in the shadow, of some one else's dream, trying to find a hand to hold but everything every touch felt cold to me*

Monday, June 25, 2012

A day like no other


*Permata Pintar Olympiad*
I thought I would just scramble through the test. write whatever pops in my mind first. i didn't even understand the questions. That was a long '3-hour test'. but it felt like only 30 minutes. Even though the program was for 2 days. I skipped all the talks and went back home. The next day, I arrived at Permata Pintar just in time, then I heard my name was called. wootwoot. i managed to obtain a silver metal. Borhan would be so proud of me :')

*satay satay and a drive around putrajaya*
Oh yeahhh, Ex class monitor took me on a ride in his new car. It was so cool. Ah my friends are all so grown up. They can drive me places. Thanks for the ride back to UKM Ilman:D
Thanks for picking me up too Cikgu Suriya 

*Ex-Pasums future leaders of Malaysia ehhhh*
sangat PROFIT la mereka ni dapat sambung studies di oversea. kanak-kanak MARA and FELDA. ehh what do you call this xi shua xi shua eh?

OOO Ilman drivingggg :D

I wonder who will be taking my heart in the future ?

Asasi Pintar Girls :D

So we were celebrating teacher appreciation day. we got balloons so this is what we did. "appreciate" I guess not. 

I still find myself lost here. I just can't be who I really am because I let my insecurities get the best of me. How can I destroy this wall that is preventing me to be who i am. why does it take so long for me to adapt to a new situation ? I'll  just have to cope. The fact is, I'm struggling here. with lots of assignments and tutorials due. Students here are super smart. I feel lost and blur all the time. When I'm sad I usually find someone to spill my guts, but there just isn't anyone to turn to. Haven't found anyone that would lend a shoulder to cry. Sometimes I feel aggravated because I know I can get a long and be happy but there's something stopping me? Why Why? This place, Is it a mistake ? How would I be if I made a different choice?
Dear God, help me. Show me the right path. Am I making the right decisions? You know the best. I hope there's something in store in the future that would make everything better. Give me strength

yeah, but I still like it here. Trying to like the people
Please get this year over with. 9 months to go.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

here comes JUNE


Its been like seriously damn while since I've written anything! the last time i wrote is about me working at MPH. and i quit like a month ago already. weheee.  to up to date thingsss. pshhtt it's not like anybody's gonna read this. okay, for the future me ;)


yaa, today is the morning of 1st June 2012 :) in a blink of an eye , we're half way through the year. so fastttt like thattt.  I should be taking a shower, but instead i decide to write this blog since I read othman's blog and i feel so touched. i also want to write. anyways, im needing to write something or spill out my guts to someone or something because so many things have been going on since the last post.

On may 23, 2012 I officially became a university student in University Kebangsaan Malaysia. The course I am taking is Asasi permata pintar negara. wahhh. Initially there were 52 people who registered, but since scholarships have announced the results, only 37 people are left. including me.

I have a one great roommate who is just as silly and goofy and blurry like me. HAHA.

soooooo, as now i continue this post on 17th June 2012. yeah i dont really have time to right blogs as now i'm enrolling Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

I remember last year Borhan and Izzuddin compete in the Olympiad, only now how i know how they feel. it was damn hard. i just took the test this morning it was like asdfkj. 3 hours of my life i didn't know what i was writing. bahhhh. but whatever its over

Im in SET 2 of asasi pintar. which only consists of 14 students. 7 girls and 7 boys. but one has gone already, one is about to (wouldn't reject JPA's scholarship la kan) , another is considering MARA. so that leaves with pfft 11 students ?! Just as our bonds are getting closer and tighter like covalent bond, we received bad news as were informed that set 2 will broken in to two. half will enter set 1 , the others will enter set 3. this isn't confirmed just yet. so who knowwsss. we'll wait for monday to see. weeee.

So i made a few friends ( I can't say a whole lot because there isn't that many people) and just minggling here and there. getting know people. luckily i did find some cracked ones haha. but the asasi pintar students are all coooooll :D

THEY ARE SUPER SMART! I don't feel like i belong here because when the lecturer explains something everybody else seems like they understand already, and im like OMFG please repeat peat peat. the blurriesttt slowest person in class. oohh ohh me me! the laziest and sleepiest. AIN lah namanya. bhaha. seriously, the students are so smart macam othman and borhan tau. i'm like in a class full of othmans and borhans. sometimes i feel like quitting because i can't catch up. but thats not the promise i made to myself and my family.

Despite not able to understand in class, i will study hard afterwards to make myself understand. i'm gonna study hard work hard strive persevere. weeee. i wanna be great medical student. im not letting twitter and facebook interfere with my studies. i will not let the media distract me. im strong. i can do this. i can do this. this is it this is the moment. bhaha. so far this "4.0 GPA" thing is not looking good for me. because i haven't being so great in pop quizzes, post tests, and tutorials. :( but its okay. i'll start slow and steady. i may be quite slow and blur in the beginning, hopefully i can progress and achive that 4.0. oh yeahhh. i'll do it :)

unfortunately i will not be accepted to MARA. tak apa la. tak ada rezeki kan. UKM is fine with me. who knows ukm is much better for me. who knows kan. hanya Dia yang merancang. RancanganNya mesti terbaik untuk kita kan.

I'm all set, i want to be a doctor. oh yeah. Dr.Norain :) aww i'm gonna cry because i feel so grown up, I can't believe it :')

I really miss working at MPH, I miss them peeps there. they're really nice and they make me laugh. i have fun with them always. Sam, Aisya, Najwa, Fazira, Lan, Azery, Kak Syira, Afiq, dan banyak lagiii .

5 Al RAZI 2011, i miss them so damn much . only god knows. seriously i just want to relive 2011. it was a great year. i am so thankful to have met them. oh i love them. now they are all studying in different places, about to continue overseas. may you guys be successful. we'll meet again in the future a better person. insyaAllah. :')

so i guess that's all i have to say.

au revoir

for now