Friday, April 18, 2014

Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today

Alhamdulillah, I'm in my mid 2nd semester break. Just a little more then I'll be done with first year. Time moves so fast huh. Tup tap tup tap. Wow dah nak habis first year dah?

I've been super duper busy I didn't even keep tract of the time. Sedar-sedar dah mid April. So busy with all these programs. Alhamdulillah Light Up Autism, my first charity run, was a success. Managing participants' registration and race kits ain't easy. especially when there's almost 2000 participants. Getting calls and messages, reply emails late at night. But it's my amanah. and Alhamdulillah we got great feedbacks from the participants. First program. Great experiences. Grew a lot.

Jalinan Siswa Maximus pun done. I had a great time and met new people. yang sebelum ni tak kenal pun senior 2nd year medic. (Medic students duduk bawah tempurung lah katakan, seniors pun kita tak kenal. eheh) Tapi, time macam ni lah kita ambil peluang untuk kenal senior-senior kita.

But actually there's a lot more programs to come. Responsibilities to handle. Tasks to carry out. InsyaAllah with my niat to help people, to become a better person and to learn, Allah will ease this journey for me and those around me.

I do complain sometimes saying there's just so many things to do, stacks and stacks of load work to finish. With all the program things and meetings, I couldn't even find time to study. But I learned that if I think negative, thinking that I can't finish it, then I really can't finish it. But when I change my mindset and think more positive, be confident that I can finish all these, then I really can even though the piles of work just keep on stacking. Just take a deep breath and say "I'm getting these things done". set a goal. to finish up today or tomorrow or by next week. be determined and take it seriously.

 Being a medic student, I learned that there is no more time for playing around. I sacrificed my movies, my sitcoms, my books, my guitar, my songs, my gossips and all these entertainment. Because I know they are the reasons for procrastination. When you watch one episode, you'll want to watch another, and then another. and tup tap tup tap. it's the middle of the night and you didn't even touch your PBL or MES. See what I mean. 

Memang la orang akan kata, tak kan lah nak serious study atau buat kerja je 24/7. Well in my opinion, if being like that get things done and I won't be stressing out at the last minute. Then it's fine by me. I mean kalau main-main selalu and all these work load is put on hold until the last minute. kita procrastinate. asik procrastinate. That's the reason why we get stressed out. Think about it. if we finish our work and tasks early, then it doesn't harm you to treat yourself with a little movie night. At least you'll watch it with a peaceful mind not thinking about any work you have to do. You know what people say, Work now, play later.

HAHAHA actually I haven't really been like this since being a medical student. I always procrastinate and have to finish things at the last minute. and I got soooooooo stressssed out. But yeah I learned from that. and I don't want to do that anymore. I changed my routine and it got better for me. I changed my mindset, I became more serious (eheheh ye laa), takde la, when it comes to work la. Kena pandai-pandai la fikir bila masa terbaik untuk kita relax and chill. Kerja tu kerja.  main bila kerja dah siap.

 This post tercetus apabila tengah ulang kaji infection and immunity untuk  End Of Module test naik cuti nanti. Serious banyak gila virus, bacteria, parasites, kena hafal. Serious tak tipu. Mechanism, morphology, site of latency dah segala bagai. Penyakit apa. Antibiotics dan mechanism. menimbun. Mula-mula rasa macam OMG Biar betikkk nak kena hafal semua niiii. Aku macam tak percaya orang lain siap boleh pergi bercuti and relax lagi. bijaknya dorang ni! How can they do that can. teach meeee. tapi aku tak nak ikut orang. dorang nak bercuti bior la. Aku tau aku tak kan siap study kalau aku buat macam tu. so I dedicate my one week of mid sem break as one study week. eheheheh :3 Tak kesah.    >.<      serious niiiiiiiiiii

Totally lost the real objective of this post. Melencong tah kemana. siap kena tukar tajuk. Because it wasn't originally what I wanted to write about. Ehehehehh.

baca lah post ni ain in the future. semoga ia dapat beri semangat.

Tapiiii INGAT. lakukan la semua ni dengan niat Lillahitaala  ^.^

Doctor-to-be , InsyaAllah

Assalamualaikum. byebye