Thursday, November 12, 2015

One Year Later (recap 2nd year)

Assalamualaikum and Hi.

After more than one year, I finally decided to open my blog.
Well yeah it sure was ONE HECTIC YEAR.

To recap what has happened within the one year;

I didn't post anything at all during my 2nd year in medical school ukm. This is what happened

The preclinical students had to stay in UKM Bangi campus for one semester. which was hrrmmm. agak menyusahkan. We were on the bas at 6.30 am to go to Cheras and back to Bangi at 5pm. Go through traffic jam and all that stuff. arrive at bangi at 6pm. EVERYDAY. It was exhausting

-Cardiovascular system
-Respiratory system
-Urinary system

At this point of the preclinical year, the topics became more interesting. We actually learn about diseases and stuff. There were sessions where we were able to go to the dissection hall and actually hold heart and lungs and stuff.

People say CVS module is the toughest in this semester. There's a lot of physiology and pharmacology. I repeat. PHARMACOLOGY. Students banyak kantoi kat pharmacology la I think. But if you could thoroughly understand physiology, I don't think pharmacology would be a trouble. oh and ANATOMY. haha. sebab soalan famous is the embryology question. Sebab orang selalu baca topic ni last sekali ( ingat tak penting ) but tetiba keluar essay. mampus. CVS suka juga keluarkan anatomy yang macam-macam. even though it is just one heart. but ventricle have it's own story, atrium is a different story. hey, aorta and pulmonary trunk pun ada their own story tau. and all the great vessels pun is another story. so cover that la ye.

Respiratory and urinary system. macam biasalah.. mahir physiology.. get to know pathology.. and then the pharmacology according to the pathology. like TB and their drugs. Asthma and their drugs. so and so..

Within this semester. I was superrrrr busy with sports. I entered 3 sports. Basketball, Handball, and Netball. Dah lah duduk dekat Bangi. latihan kat Cheras. Just imagine. and the training was at night pula tu. My friends said my car became my closet. and I was like "Liz Murray" in the one movie we watch during PPD, because Liz Murray sleep on the streets. HAHA in other words. MEREMPAT.

I did pretty well during this semester though. I got my pointer up to where I wanted it. I just wanted to prove, tak ada alasan ye adik-adik. Walau sibuk mana pun. There is always time to study.

Tapi semester ni juga la, I practically lived in the library (blok pendidikan). I hunted the library. Found really awesome books. Because I knew I was gonna be busy with sports and stuff. so any free time that I had I'd spend it in the library. reading textbooks, and making notes. buat PBL serta merta. totally worth it okay. Jangan takut orang cakap "peghhh study kat library siot" or what ever kan. Ehhh peduli lah..

why the big laugh?
because I kinda became orang gila this semester. LOL.

First of all, I joined soooo many programs. tooo many programs. tak terkata. like penah , one weekend there was 4 events. in one weekend! Serabut. SERABUT!

Because I'm just someone who doesn't know how to say NO. When people offer me to join any programmes, and they would plead. I just don't have the heart to reject. Selagi mampu aku bermonolog. memang lah mampu. But emotionally. hmmm? hati je tahu. A lot of programmes, a lot of positions, a lot of meetings. On the outside, I try to act strong and happy always. People wouldn't even know I had a problem. Tapi sampai bilik. hrrmmmm.....

So adik-adik please jangan masuk macam-macam programme. satu dua just to gain exprience is enough. PLEASE BE ABLE TO SAY NO. Please be assertive.

walau bagaimanapun. I promised to myself, I wouldn't let this extra curricular activities affect my studies. It didn't. I improved. Did even better than the 1st semester. so again, just to prove that, being busy is not an acceptable reason.  There is always enough time. Its just the matter of how you sort your time. How you use your time.

-Gastrointestinal System
-Endocrine System
-Central Nervous System
-Reproductive System

What I did different this 2nd year when compared to 1st year (despite being even busier). I used textbooks. I read beyond lecture notes. I added so many notes around the lecture notes. extra info. Because I found that library in the blok pendidikan is awesome. I borrowed a few books. but actually read like one book that I find very helpful. and stick to that throughout the module. Yeah..

GIT and CNS - 5 credit hour guyyyyysss!
despite it being what they call it "THE MOST TOUGHEST MODULE" yeah wrong grammar ye adik-adik. I did better in these two modules compared to endo and Reproductive. So jangan lah cuak sangat ye adik-adik. GIT and CNS is very interesting. Jangan takut sebab ada even more than 20 lectuers (tak termasuk SLP and MES and stuff hiks. berlambak). Memang, you have to read beyond the lecture notes. find additional information to really understand it. First of all ANATOMY. anatomy ANATOMY ANATOMY. should be at the end of your finger tips. bukan setakat the anatomy of the organ and then blood supply and lymph buat tatau je. No no no. jangan. soalan blood supply to famous okay. memang kena khatam la anatomy.
hrmmm what else. physiology, pathology, pharmacology... kena baca and faham juga la okay. untuk CNS physiology banyak la jugak. but okay jeee :D this is two really fun module! sebab nanti nak bawa ke klinikal. so fikir, kita study bukan untuk Ace the Exam. sebab nanti ilmu ni diperlukan lagi untuk klinikal nanti.


Don't give "busy" or "not enough time" a reason to not do well in studies. Allah bagi kita banyakkkk masa. cukup masa.

The truth is,

dalam banyak-banyak benda yang aku masuk and aku kena buat. I promised to myself that I won't avoid my faith, my religion. Memang risau, what happens to my faith after being so busy in dunya. tah kemana tah campak agama. but mana boleh macam tu kan. So, I devoted time. I joined the jemaah prayers for maghrib and isya' at the surau (I try to). and that time is strictly for me and Allah. hal dunya jangan campur. and also, every wednesday, pergi kelas hafazan.

So "masa "tu memang kena pandai bahagikan. akhirah and dunya. jangan focus pada dunya saja sampaikan akhirah dilupakan. Tak berkat la the things we do in dunya. Allah dah bagi kita enough time. It's is up to us to use it wisely.




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