Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ramadhan is coming !

So cheers to my ASASIpintar mates, may we stick together through thick and thin, during the rough times studying for our exams. There's only 29 of us left, but that's enough to succeed. We are the last people standing. We have each other to help out and support when trouble comes in our way. When the less gets lesser. But the less is more. Our main goal is to be the first and the best batch  ASASIpintar could ask for. Strive to the fullest, Aim for the best, Success comes after.

P.S we'll have our first RAMADHAN together. may Allah bless us during the month of mercy and forgiveness. I'm so looking forward to spending the time with this new family. 

can't believe im turning 18 in 2 weeks, i just barely stepped into the university life.
but loving every moment.

University Kebangsaan Malaysia, after a week of battle between two paths that will change my future. a battle between what I want and What's the best for my future. I chose my future because i'm still naive. what I want may not be the best. God knows best. maybe I did actually decided to go to KMKN/UniKL RCMP/Vinayaka Commission University but I was never satisfied with that decision. There was a lot of obstacle I had to overcome during the process. So why the heck am I burdening my self for something that is not worth my future. After final discussions with the professor here, I decided to stay. Why waste an opportunity to study in UKM. FYI, UKM ranks top 100 in the world. Vinayaka is not even ranked top 200 in India itself. I secured my spot in the best University for medicine in Malaysia. People want to study abroad, but it doesn't really mean that abroad is better? UKM in Malaysia is like Harvard in the US. maybe a little exaggerated. Anyways, I'm glad I'm staying here. It is the better decision. A valuable lesson learnt here is to consider the parents decision. Parents blessings are important. Parents will have your back and will support you under any circumstances. Furthermore, In God we trust. Have faith in the master of all creation. He who knows everything. He who has plans for us, those plans are the best. *maybe there was a reason I was didn't get accepted to MARA's program in the first place*

I just really love love love this picture. It's so adorable.  It's so cute! We are like oh so all grown up. we're in UNIVERSITY LIFE. Billion thanks to these fellas because they've helped me in tons of ways during high school. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for them. And I always know they'll support me in whatever I do, and gives me superb advices when hardships come along. Thanks guys :'D

Goodbye old Semesra 9A+ SPM geeky look. Say hello to a college student, more matured (ehh) hipster look ?

An afternoon out with them Taylor's students expenses supported by MARA, JPA, and Petronas scholar. UNTUNG LAH :'D 

tout le meilleur

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Life as a UKM Student 

I was stuttered by the cocking sounds
vibration made by my phone under the pillow
resembling a new day
Budging like a turtle out of bed, so slow

Fling the curtains wide
Rays piercing into my eyes
and glance at the smiling sun
Hoping today brings joy and fun

During class I blankly stare
on the glass board I blindly glare
trying to make sense of all
My mind scrambles like a New Year in the mall

Focus is what I should do
desperately trying to understand something new
But quitting is never the option
I must grip on a new vision

Confusing, flustering, cluttering, struggling
Now I'm enduring, striving, persevering 
Aspire to stand on two feet
A bright future I hope to meet