Thursday, September 1, 2011

Time flies by

Kemas2 rumah and bilik tadi. as I was puas hati with how i changed and cleaned the room, i sat on my bed. I looked near the door and remembered a mirror sitting there. now it's broken. I remember all the silly form 1, 2 and 3 's do with mirrors. like camwhoring. I remembered that one video that is in nadia's phone right now. life before pmr. we laughed, joked, cried because of laughing, giggled. about silly stuff that i don't think it will make sense to me now.
We used to hang around my house after school since it was the nearest. boyfriends used my house as their ports to me their girls because my house was near, i get the trouble for it. my house was the center i guess.
I remembered my mom would cook nasi goreng or apa2 laa when my friends would come to visit. my mom got mad because we're noisy singing.
Oh how I missed wafaa's singing, rahimah's laugh, liza's stupid joke, and hayani's muka tembok. aww rindurindu.
We would go online and upload photos and update profiles on myspace (haha zaman batu ke?).
we would go to other people's profile and stalk them. haha and kutuk kutuk dorang. gossiping girl lah kan duludulu. we would kutukkutuk and talk crap about apa yang tak puas hati in the computer room.
I had a guitar so wafaa would start merepek buat lagu sendiri apa tah. haha
As 4 o clock got near, we would get ready pakai baju rumah sukan masing2, pakai bedak yang wafaa and rahimah have in their bags 24/7.
Then we would probably stop by 7/11 to buy top up and 100 plus. then we would walk to school. lepak2 kat school doing nothing. haha.
form 1, form 2, form 3. 2007,2008,2009. those years i thought i was big enough to do anyting. but now i think, wow i was so immature and budak kecik like. haha.
even though it's only three years, but there were so many moments i can think of at this moment. those three years felt soo long. stupid laughable moments. i grew up with them. and they made me how i am today. they filled those 3 years of my life full with laughter. They made my first three years worth living and worth actually looking back and say, okay I had a great past. The time flies slowly with them. I remember waiting by the stairs as they finish their classes so we could go to the koperasi. I'd go "RAHIMAH!!!" then she'd run to me as she fix her tudung skolah hugs me while laughing and say "ain tengok dorang tu." the boys always chase her. Nadia pulak would walk slowly holding her water bottle and hugs me and rahimah. wafaa, yani, and fatin plak would come out slowly while arguing about something they talk about in their class. basically thats how it is everyday. but i love it. and i miss it.
one by one, slowly, we each go on our separate ways.
Ain Mokhtar moved to a different planet called Rembau, studies in a sains school.
Nadia Rosnan too busy with her love life and is so focused on that sampai she kinds of forgot her friends. she fights and argues with her boyfriends at night, and brings that mood to school. I hope she forgets her stupid lovelife, and focus on what is important like SPM. she's a smart girl, she could actually score well in spm if she actually turns off her phone and focus in studies.
Rahimah Ali Darma, she separated in bad terms as in we were fighting. so things didn't go so well. actually I moved away before we could get better because she and nadia did. so I moved away from her in bad terms. but now it's alright. but it's not like before. I really miss her, and I can say she is one of three, i could really say my best friend, but things change. we lost our trust. we had a lot in common, and we would do a lot of things togther. I can be really stupid and ugly and she wouldn't even care. I miss her a lot. and only god knows. I really wish things could go as before. but i guess its fate.
Liza Anna James I know only one year. but there's a lot i can remember about her. I feel like ive known her forever. we instantly clicked because she had the attitude that anybody get along with. shes funny. she got me to love twilight. i miss her. everything was so fun with her. she moved to a different school. so yeahh.
Fatin Nazirah is gaga crazy. i stand so strong by my opinion which lady gaga has bad influence on everybody. thats all i have to say. okay i know she's in a different class and have new friends. but she doesn't really need to lose her old friends. betul tak? so what your new friends hebat lah sangat kan. hot lah sangat kan. popular lah sangat kan. but you can't forget your old friends. tak salah oh nak friends dengan duadua pihak. it's just not cool to fight with your bestfriends that had your back through these years. and tibatiba lupakan dia mcm tu je. apa laa? so She faded herself away by being friends with somebody cooler in her eyes. apa2 je lah. i hope she learns her mistake.
So yang tinggal je Wafaa Nordin and Sharifah Hayani. i love them both and i thank them for staying true. <3333333333

So i guess thats it. 2007, 2008, 2009. I want to bury those years.