Monday, March 26, 2012

What About now ?

March 21, 2012 :)

The date. The date I anticipated since I was told to put my pen down. The wait was long while but yet it seemed so short.

Alhamdulillah I manage to pull of 9A's like i had planned. But I fell short from my all time dream of 9A+ by just 2A's. It's funny how one of the subject is English. So much for me living in The United States for 5 years. I was still happy for my results. 7A+ 2A is better than i imagined. I was dreading to know my result for biology. I wasn't even sure I could get and A-, it was damn hard. I cried after the test okay. 70% adalah bantai sahaja. but Alhamdulillah I achieved an A.

Congratulations to Othman Affan, Borhan, and Hafizah. I'm so proud of them :') they deserve it.

I've come along way. To see the outcome of something i've worked for for the past two years. Unbelievable. I'm so glad I chose Sekolah Menengah Sains Rembau. The school played a major part in my life. Especially high school life. I get to meet real awesome people that are really smart. Alaaa, high school life is over la :'(

I worked real hard, woke up early in the morning everyday with YATI, head to school early with MALIA, stay back at school real late. tertidur sampai lepas azan Asar. hek hek hek. going to class before solat maghrib dengan Malia or Ain N. Stay up malam malam dengan Yati. Spending my two whole days of saturday and sunday in class studying catching up with my notes, revising while listening to othman and izzuddin sing. IT WAS ALL WORTH IT.

I want to make special thanks to a few people that seriously helped me during the SPM course. Especially throughout form 5. I couldn't have done it without them. SERIOUSLY

First of all, rakan semejaku. Satu meja Beta. Tutor Add math and Physics aku. Dulu aku tak faham langsung Physics and it shows since markah aku sentiasa C masa form 4. *Time ni kita tak rapat lagi* Hujung tahun form 4 baru cam dah kenal kenal *padahal satu kelas* Then time form 5 aku kerap pergi kat dia and mintak tolong. aku rasa dia pun cam muak tengok muka aku. Asalkan aku tak faham soalan physic or addmath je aku pergi kat dia. Then masa bulan trial kita jadi deskmates! dia duduk depan aku. so tak payah lah kan aku nak jalan mintak tolong. Lagi banyak la aku minta tolong daripada dia. So baru mata aku terbuka besaq punyaaa. WOAH faham nya laa Physics ni. ruparupanya senang je kottt. Hatiku pun terbuka kepada Physics dan lebih suka kan physics daripada biology. tapi chemistry tetap jadi pilihan utama. Untuk addmaths pula, dia tolong terangkan kat aku segalanya sampai ak faham, sampaikan aku lebih suka buat soalan yang rumit. lagi suka bila aku dapat jawab dulu sebelum dia. Huahuahua. So jadi lah competition yang sengit tapi sihat antara aku dan dia. At the end, aku menang juga. hahahaha. tapi all thanks to him. huuuu. honestly laaaaa, ni la pembakaran semangat ku, buat aku nak belajar bersungguh-sungguh, work really hard, my ultimate motivation. *aku kan tak nak kalah* . it was a great competition , batttle , war throught trial and jadual anjal. tapi kita sama-sama berjaya dalam SPM just like we hoped kan kan kan. JADINYA beribu-ribu terima kasih aku ucapkan kepadanya, thank youuuuuu a lotttt for being my tutor, i couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much. I still plan on meeting you at KLIA with you in your coat and me in my blazer. itu la dia Razin Abd Rashid :)

Ribuan terima kasih tak terhingga kepada dua genius rakan sekelas kuu. Othman Affan dan Muhammad Borhan. Banyak sungguh laa dorang limpahkan ilmu kepada ku. aku bersyukur je la aku dapat kenal mereka berdua ni. YT setiap 9 subject. huahuahua. Othman terutamanya dalam biology. dia pandai terangkan segala biology sampai aku faham. borhan pula adalah Plan B untuk physic. kalau razin tak dapat jawab, maka BORHAN lah jawapannya. Dia orang ni pandai sangat. so tak boleh jadi ni. It makes me work a whole lot harder. If I can't beat them, getting close to them would also be great. They are the major competition. Apa yang Othman buat aku pun buat. apa yang borhan buat aku pun buat. asalkan aku dapat jadi pandai macam diaorang. huaaa LOLOLO. Thank you guysss :)

Kepada wanitasss Shamimi Waheddah, Liyana Mahirah, Farah Syaira. banyak sungguh laa mereka tolong aku nii. mimi dengan sejarah dan biologynya. liyana jadi partner belajar ku. kita sama-sama tak faham, kita sama-sama mencari penyelesaiannya betul takk? kita sama-sama berjaya. dah Farah Syaira yang banyak tolong aku since form 4. dia pandai gila and aku envy gila kat dia. for chemistry, biology and add math, dia banyak terangkan kat aku. terima kasih laa yaa :)

JADINYA, aku nak ucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada warga MEJA BETA yang ku sayangi yang sentiasa menghiburkan aku during the tough times of TRIAL, JADUAL ANJAL, and SPM itself. Khairunnisa, Afiq, and Razin.
Terima kasih warga Al Razian 2011. i'm gonna miss you guyssss :'(((((
Dan seluruh warga VALEDICTORIAN yang kusayangi. i'm so proud of us.
top 7 yeahhhh :)


credits to yasmeen fazeera who also achieved 9As :)


Just testing

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

just wonder why

As i'm employed, the are so many different kinds of people with different personalities i get to discover. I get to experie
.nce the real deal you know. The way unknown people are and how'd they treat you at the first meet. So it's weird. Different from hostel.
In general, we can differentiate between halal food and non right. We know it's a sin to eat it. It just makes me wonder why people care so much about that but necleck to solat. How people can give speech and saying from hadith but doesn't solat. Like thats the most important thing u know. You're just there. And you really seem to care. So close. But you just dont know. Or just no one to show you. How ashame. Sayang sekali.
Feeling weird. When your friends say theyre gonna pray and youre like uuhhh ok. Dont you feel guilty? Bukan la apa. People know whats right from wrong. Its just ashame. It's not like they dont know at all. Maybe just no one there to make it clear. I've just been wondering about this since i got out of school. Just curious. People nowadays.