Thursday, January 24, 2013

3 move this month

Test test test

hello hello hello

Is it too late to say welcome 2013?

I can't believe it. It's 2013 already! well lookie lookie I survived so 20/12/12! haha

For starters I just need to say how stressful January 2013 is. from moving to my comfortable previous college to a new okay college. okay fine, I like my new room. It's really nice and i loovee the big desk table. But it's just the process of moving that gets me aggravated. from KPZ to blok A. from blok A to block B. -.- Okay So I have already unpacked, and organized my desk and closet. I love how it is now. I looks clean and neat. BUTTTTTTT. we have to move. AGAIN. to block C ==' so in a month, I actually moved to 3 different rooms. not really a fun thing to do. pack unpack pack unpack. It's a good thing I'm not the type of girl who have so much stuff. But the real bummer is that block C is a boy's block. LIKE WHAT! gila ke apa? Live in the same builiding as the boys. okay fine our room is on the bottom floor so we don't have to share bathroom (thank God) . But still the bathroom is infront of the main entrance and the  main entrance has a clear transparent door. eee nampak okay. so we have to cover ourselves 24/7 even and constantly lock our bedroom. you'll never know what will happen. trust is hard to perceive. The reason for this move is first may 2012 intake asasi are trusted. thank you for that. we are matured women. we don't do silly stuff that 'll only ruin our reputations. 2nd because the new form 4 this intake was way too many. there's not that many room but they still take 150 people. the room is made for two people but they live in three because theres just not enough. So it is as if we are kicked out of the building, to give room for the form 4 students. But we are okay with that.